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Tents UK for Camping

Holidays are a big part of every working person’s life. Whether you are slogging away at your desk or plying your skills at some other 9-5 workplace, it’s the motivation of reward that keeps you on your toes. And perhaps the biggest reward is when you can leave all that work behind and set off to a camping trip with your family or friends for a week or two. This is how things are at the moment in the UK. More and more people are on the lookout for Tents UK to help them unwind from the gloomy atmosphere of a possible recession.

There is another major reason for an increase in the interest for Tents UK and this concerns the effect of a weak economy on the travelling habits of Britons. A weak economy means that everyone is on a savings mode. This has coincided with a time when travelling costs have spiralled around the world and this has made travelling overseas an expensive affair that most Britons can do without. But everyone needs holidays and when things are not conducive on the outside, looking inwards is a good idea. This has given rise to an army of people who prefer camping holidays that were until recently termed as history.

While planning for a camping trip in itself is quite a major task, an even more important choice to be made concerns Tents UK. When deciding on a tent for the camp, you will have to consider on its mode of usage, its mode of transportation, the number of people who will be using it and the ease with which it can be setup. Following are the broad types of Tents UK that you will have to choose from.

Frame Tents

These are considered to have an older style and use steel or aluminium poles for their frames. The tent cloth used here is normally canvas. The more contemporary styles are made from synthetic fibre or cotton with frames made of fibreglass. These tents can have great designs and possess a good amount of structure and room inside. Biggest negative is the difficulty in erecting them.

Dome Tents

These are among the most popular tent styles. This style is often used in simple tents like the ones meant for children’s beds. Usually consisting of fabric tent and poles made from plastic or fibreglass, these tents have a lot of rigidity. Setting-up and collapsing them is easy but major disadvantage is that they might not hold-up against strong winds.

Geodesic Tents

A variation of dome tents with reinforced stability; geodesic tents have the same advantages of dome tents but are slightly harder to set-up.

Family Tents

This is one of the more popular types of Tents UK and consists of sleeping spaces on both sides of the central living area. This makes for a good deal of privacy for occupants.

Choosing one among these popular Tents UK is a lot easier once you’ve decided on the number of people, mode of transportation, period of camping, weather of the camping site and of course, your budget.  

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